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New Music USA is a leading nonprofit organization that supports musicians — particularly those who push the boundaries of what music can be.


In 2020, at the start of the pandemic, the organization’s leadership revamped its direction, pivoting from social networking to grant-making and resouce-producing. Its branding and web presence needed a re-do. BFC Digital designed a beautiful website and built it on WordPress.

Highlighting Musicians

New Music USA supports non-traditional musicians with grants through several grant programs, each with different application requirements. The old site made this information difficult to access. One of the main goals of the new site is to make grant information easily accessible to applicants — and to partners and donors who want to contribute.

Directing applicants to grant programs. Highlighting the accomplishments of past grantees. Fronting the NewMusicBox online magazine. These were the top goals of the website project.

Supporting the Sounds of Tomorrow

Through its award-winning NewMusicBox magazine, the organization continues to support its grantees and the new music universe in general. It was essential that we create a home for the magazine where the content could shine — including large, full-color photos, sparkling embedded audio, and compelling video.

A screenshot of the NewMusicBox section of the New Music USA website.