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Pathways Narrative Portal

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Wonder for Good wanted to help a group of ten hand-selected nonprofits improve their messaging. We created an online headquarters where the cohort could log in, find resources, share survey results, and see custom-designed visualizations that summarized findings across all of the organizations.

Visualizing Insights

The website needed to be a place where nonprofits could not only learn how to update their communications — but also share what they learned, so the community could benefit from shared learnings.

So, we conceptualized, designed, and built online data visualizations that gathered insights from members and displayed the results using Drupal 9’s robust View system.

In this way, members of the cohort could see how different messaging resonated in different areas of the country, or with different age groups, or audiences with different educational backgrounds.

All of this led to a greater understanding and better results overall for the organizations in the program.

A pic showing a visualization showing what the member organizations learned in phase 4 of the Pathways Narrative project.

Members-Only Portal

When users log in, they are taken to an interactive dashboard that allows them to view their progress through the process. Each phase includes training modules, resources, and a final questionnaire at the end. All of which is geared towards helping the organizations understand how well their messaging is working and how they could improve it.

In addition, there are areas for organizations to review what others have learned, including answers to questionnaires, summaries of data sliced by location, audience, desired change, and more.