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Oregon Shores Conservation Coalition

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Oregon Shore’s remit is to protect the Oregon coast from California to the Washington border, and it has a dedicated army of supporters to help it do so. But the organization’s old website was holding it back.

In dire need of an upgrade

The old site’s design was antiquated. The site’s pages were text-heavy and did not make use of Oregon Shore’s best assets: beautiful videos and arresting photos taken by staff and supporters.

And its Drupal CMS was difficult to update, requiring a web developer every time the staff wanted to make a change to the menu or the structure of any page.

Through six weeks of twice-weekly meetings, the team at Oregon Shores met with the BFC Digital team and produced a full set of wireframes and mockups.

Then, a two-month development phase produced a testable prototype. After a month of testing and content upload, the new Oregon Shores website was ready to debut to supporters, donors, and the organization’s Board.


A beautiful, accessible, responsive site worthy of an important organization.

Twenty years of CoastWatch reports — now searchable online

For more than twenty years, the organization’s CoastWatch program has matched supporters with a single mile of Oregon’s coast. These CoastWatchers agree to walk their mile every three months and fill out a detailed report, including photos, that includes details like: how much litter befouls their mile? Are people parking cars on the beach? Are there any dead wildlife that has washed up on the sand?

The new website puts all of these reports — more than 8,000 of them — online in a searchable database, complete with a map interface that allows users to hone in on their favorite mile and track the status of that mile over the decades. Now, it’s possible for users to find, for instance, all reports that noted a beached marine mammal in the last year — or any other attribute that meets their interest.